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Our extensions provide a light/lite version of the most popular messaging, social media and utilities website to provide way better performance and consuming fewer CPU and Memory from the computer 🧊

+20 Chrome Extensions

Best Chrome Extension available for Download

Download our Chrome Extensions to your browser and save resources on your computer with less CPU, Memory and Internet Bandwidth

Chat Multi Messenger

Merges all Social Media chats in one App. Support for twitter, tiktok, telegram and many more! Direct message DM your friends!

Multi AI Sidebar

Access to all artificial intelligence apps like ChatGPT, Bing AI, Google Bard and more in a single Sidebar. Get the best AI.

Emoji Keyboard

Emoji for Google Chrome Web. Copy-paste Emojis. Compatible Win, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android. Works on website/App. Smileys – Stickers.

PiP - Picture in Picture Plus

Pop out video into a PIP Chrome Window. Works on all videos and websites. Watch video using Picture-in-Picture.

URL Shortener Plus

One Click URL Shortener. Create links with Bitly, TinyUrl, is.gd, to.ly or goo.gl. QR Code, fast copy paste for Google Chrome.

Web for Telegram

Easy access to Telegram for Chrome. Notifications for incoming messages. Share and Save Telegram. Messenger.

Web for TikTok

Browse and download your favorite videos on TikTok. Upload videos, comment, follow your favorite tiktokers on your computer.

Web for Google Messages

Access to Chat – Android Messages on Desktop Computer. Google Messages for Web. Plus Google Meet for calls and video-calls.

White Messenger

Skype for Web. Microsoft Skype App Lite for Google Chrome. Messages, SMS, Calls, Video-Calls, Share, Profile, Contacts on Browser.

News Hub Kiosk

Google News, Google Play Newsstand and BuzzFeed. News aggregator for every country. Weather forecast for Chrome. Msn News.

Drumpfinator Extreme Edition

Find and replace all instances of some word/name by another. Search Browser online tool for Chrome. Based on Trump blocker/filter

Link and Love

Best App for Tinder. Have fun, like, super-like, chat and find new and interesting people near you.

Bitcoin Crypto News

Cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin and Coindesk News. Also ethereum, litecoin, cash. Price flutuation charts. Wallet and price ticker.

Instant Games

Free +200 HTML5 games. Instant Online Games. No Install. Messenger Games. Marketplace millions of users. Works Offline.

Chat and Meet for Hangouts

Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet for Google Chrome. Notifications, messages, emojis, calls, video-calls. Google Hangouts. Gmail Chat

Easy for X - Twitter

Ex Twitter, now X for Chrome. A low profile and compact client with full X – Twitter features. Mobile interface now on X

Red Messenger for Youtube

Youtube Lite for Chrome. Magic actions, Ad block. Auto HD videos, Cinema Player mode, Search. Dark mode. Auto replay. Flash.

Work Hub for Teams

Manage your team on this low profile client for Microsoft Teams. Meetings, calls, video available on mobile looking App.

Web Conferencing for Zoom

Manage video and web conferencing for Zoom. Webinars, meetings and calls in this compact and mobile looking client.

Companion for Reddit

Redditor best friend. Enhancement Suite and Sidebar for Reddit and Subreddit. Lite, Mini and Light version for Chrome.

Social Link

Linkedin for Chrome. Lite Web Extension. Notifications counter. Messages, News Feed, Profile, CV. Search tool. Email Lead finder.